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No I've not forgotten
I was working on a new layout until a friend got me onto HTML 5 Canvas. Now I'm working on getting used to HTML 5 Canvas and coming up with a layout that can use HTML 5 canvas.

As for the game development side of things have not been so pretty. We had recently abandoned the Book1 Engine that I had been programming for these past two years. After we had talks with FMOD we realised that it made sense finacially for us to just switch to Unity 4. We get both a 2D and 3D engine and after 3 games it paid for it's self instead of FMOD's individual license. So I am currently learning C# and switching the stuff we had from the Book1 Engine to Unity.

Also I just fixed Orochi's missing directory issue. She had changed it to her real name as she is now trying to find work as a contract artist.
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Posted on Feb 14 2014 by admin
A update!
So, I finally updated the main page and my porfolio. With this update the main index and porfolio. Also I got rid of all old news posts because I had to change the news system. On top of that I also got rid of the useless pages. I'm currently applying the final touches to my profile layout. After this I'm working on a completely new layout.
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Posted on Jun 20 2013 by admin

Layout transformed by We copyright next to nothing!